Learn better balance - not only in yoga postures, but in life. Hatha yoga, pronounced "hot" + "tha" is often translated as sun and moon, or opposing forces. With practice, we learn to balance our lives with more grace. We become stronger, more flexible, breathe with more ease and learn to be efficient, so that whether working or relaxing, we are at our best.


We love yoga here. Whether it's your first time stepping onto the mat or you are an experienced practitioner, we have created a fun, welcoming environment that will invite you to challenge yourself and improve your overall well being. No need to sign up in advance, please just come prepared to work hard and have fun.


Our goal at Expand Yoga is to make your experience the best it can be. We've got you covered with a flexible schedule of classes and awesome teachers. All of our classes are beginner friendly, yet challenging for just about everyone.

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Best Class Ever

One of my first teachers tells the following story on himself: Freshly graduated from his teacher training, a new student catches his attention. In this student’s first backbend of class, you know the “drop back, way back, go back, fall … Continue reading

From Student to Teacher: The Evolution of a Yogi by Ranny Kang

When Matt and Liz decided to offer the teacher training last winter, they asked me if I had considered it. Even though I had been practicing yoga for about four years before discovering Expand Yoga, I still felt like a … Continue reading

What (exactly) is yoga?

When you’re always at a yoga studio, it’s easy to assume that the majority of people live and breathe yoga just as much as you do. We forget that the yoga community is quite small—and depending on where you live, … Continue reading