ACRO YOGA WORKSHOP W/ PATRICK GOOD: Rescheduled: Date TBD:        $60 per couple in advance & $70 @ the door.


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Acro yoga is a style of practice that blends elements of yoga, acrobatics and thai massage. Through this workshop you will learn to balance someone else’s body on your feet – called “basing” – to be balanced by someone else – called “flying” – and to spot. This practice plays with elements of control and letting go gracefully in coordination with someone else.

This workshop will focus primarily on the therapeutic aspects of Acro Yoga. You and you partner will learn techniques to decompress the spine, powerful hip and heart openers, deep twists, and revitalizing inversions. You will walk away from this workshops with skills to make anyone you meet feel significantly better in just a few minutes.

Bring an enthusiastic partner, a yoga mat if you own one, clean flexible clothes, and a willingness to trust and be trusted. No prior yoga experience is required

*Space is limited to the 1st 12 couples.