A hot 26 posture, two breathing exercise moving meditation requiring discipline and developing self-awareness. This class systematically stretches, strengthens and balances your body using a set sequence of held poses. Perfect for beginners and appropriate even for many students with movement restrictions, including wrist, shoulder, knee or hip injuries, yet challenging even for the most athletic, fit and balanced bodies. Come try it, yes, definitely more than once!


An all levels strong, fun, flowing class focused on moving mindfully, in connection with your breath. The postures and sequencing are influenced by many traditions  and vary from class to class and teacher to teacher. The temperature is approximately 95 degrees. While music is often played, it takes second seat to your breath. Come prepared to play along your edge, leave happy and most likely, at least a little sweaty.


An unheated Vinyasa style yoga class held every Sunday night at 7:30pm accompanied by a live musician. Likely guests include Billy Pratt on guitar and Micaela Cooley on cello. A beautiful way to close your weekend and prepare for the coming week.


A practice both subtle and intense in which poses are held for 2 to 5 minutes with the goal of lengthening connective tissues, improving range of motion, and freeing up the flow of subtle energy. Complements and balances more active forms of yoga and exercise.


This class is a limited time special! As part of the teacher training program, we will be meeting every Friday night from September 27th through December 16th. Expect to encounter aspects of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, more discussion than is typical of a vinyasa class, and know that this class is primarily geared toward students in the teacher training program, but serious students who are willing to devote a full two hours on their Friday night to their practice are very welcome!

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