Gong Bath Meditation With Beneficial Sound: Feb 23rd: 2-3:30pm: $20

SOLD OUT- stay tuned for the next one!


Join us on a transformative journey of healing and deep relaxation, as we bathe every cell of the body in therapeutic sound and vibration. The pure, penetrating sound waves of the gong cleanse the subconscious and will leave you feeling tuned, refreshed and connected with your intuitive personal power.

We will be supported by the magical frequencies of a Pluto gong. Pluto gongs teach us to let go and to purge the negative energy and thought patterns that don’t serve us. Pluto gongs are known for their grounding and calming effect, opening our hearts to forgiveness and healing.
The gong bath is best experienced simply lying down on your back or a similar comfortable position. Wear comfortable clothes and bring whatever you need to be relaxed for the meditation (yoga mat, blanket, pillow, extra water, etc.).

The sonic massage will leave you feeling tuned, refreshed and connected with your intuitive personal power. With this renewed sense of self comes a profound feeling of oneness with the creative and sustaining life force and energy of the universe. Life then takes on an unbelievable richness that cannot be described. It has to be experienced.

Space is limited to the first 40 people.

$20 in advance & $25 @ the door.

Handstand Workshop With Matt Ottenbach: Saturday March 2nd: 2-4pm: $20

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In this 2 hour workshop we will work on the fundamental practices to develop a freestanding handstand. Starting with joint mobility, (shoulders, wrist & spine) we will use the wall and partners to practice a variety of techniques and strategies designed to get you on the road to practicing handstands in an intelligent and safe manner. Requirements: the ability to hold a straight legged plank position (think push-up) with straight arms for 1 minute and the ability to straighten your arms completely overhead when standing. Healthy shoulders and wrists help as well.

Space is limited to the first 20 people.